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Farm Activities

Pick-Your-Own is a big part of our orchard.  PYO Apples are available on selected days (check the "Currently at Monroe's" page for days) from Mid-September until Mid-October.  Please remember, we are working with the weather, so please call first to make sure our PYO isn't beginning later or ending earlier than years past. 

PYO Pumpkins are available from the last Saturday in September throught the month of October.  You can pick directly from our patch or from the bins of pre-picked.

PYO Raspberries begin late August and lasts until the first frost.  Plan on September and October for best picking. 

PYO Strawberries are available in the month of June.  We usually begin sometime between June 1st and 10th, but have had years when we begin the end of May.  Please give us a call to see when season begins.  Strawberry season usually ends around July 4th.

PYO Cherries begin toward the end of Strawberry season, and continue a few days past.  We have 5 varieties of Cherries and we recommend you check out the pics on the website.  

Apple Harvest Festivals

Every year we hold three Family Days of Fun on the last Saturday in September and the first two Saturdays in October.  Come out to enjoy free wagon rides (weather permitting) a free apple, and glass of cider.  One of our local 4-H groups will be here to share their animals.  Pick your own pumpkins from our patch or from a pile of pre-sorted. Picking your own Apples and Raspberries are always a treat for the children.  Apple Fritters and Caramel Apples are also available.  The event runs from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. So bring the family and enjoy a little taste of farm life.

Family togetherness grows at our orchard, so we hope to see you.

Other events will be available.  Please check our website again for updates.


Mrs. Stamm's class from Crestwood Primary School enjoyed a day at the orchard.  Calli Kotkowski is picking apples, while Aiden Vaughn and Trenton Herman pick a raspberry, with Mr. Josh Herman looking on.  Below are Lydia and Logan Griffin in the pumpkin patch.

Orchard tours are available during September and October.  We have established a set itinerary for school tours to be conducted around the premises. During the tour, the students are treated to a wagon ride and walking tour, discussing how the crops are grown, ways we keep the orchard clean, how we protect our crops from visiting animals, and so on.  Every student gets to pick an apple right from the tree and put it in our picking bag.  We then show how the apples are sorted, where they are stored and share a glass of cider and apple to eat.  Each child leaves with two coloring sheets, our flyer and recipes, and an apple pencil. The tours usually last around an hour and a half and then you are able to stay for lunch on the premises if you desire. Weather permitting, we set up crates outside in the open air and allow you to eat while you take in the sights, or we can put you in our barn to get out of the sometimes cold October breeze. Contact us today and we will be glad to set up a time for your school or group to come and visit.

Farm - Contact us in Hiram, Ohio, for fruit, crafts, and gifts from the farm.

      At Monroe's Orchard & Farm Market, LLC we make our own maple syrup each year during the months of February and March.  The season usually lasts 4 - 6 weeks when the weather is reaching the 40's during the day and freezing during the night.  This temperature pattern causes the sap to move up the tree and drip out the taps and into buckets or tubing.  Buckets are gathered by hand, and tubing is run through the woods to gathering tanks.

      It takes approximately 50 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup.  We use a reverse osmosis machine that removes 50-75% of the water, we then boil the concentrate.  Maple syrup comes in different grades.  The light grade being considered the best, is the mildest flavored.  Many of our customers prefer the medium grade or medium-light grade, which has a slightly stronger flavor.  The dark syrup has the strongest flavor, and is produced when the weather gets warmer, usually near the end of the season.  Each day we boil a sample is taken and put in our window for our customers to see.

      Our maple syrup is shipped all over the world.  Many who have lived in our area of Ohio and moved away still crave that pure sweet Ohio maple syrup on their pancakes.  There is nothing like it!

      If you pass our sugar house and see steam piling out of our stacks, please stop in.  We'll give you a taste!

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Making Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup

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